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Get the best. STRATA is an own-brand from Aristospray and have recently added LANCY to our range of diesel pumping and mixing equipment. LANCY pumps and mixers are available exclusively through our STRATA Australasian sales centre. World famous for build quality, longevity and many other features on these fantastic machines we are excited to bring yet another solution to the contractor that is looking to maximise output and  is elated to be the sole supplier of Lancy render pumps in the Australian and South Pacific markets. These units represent the best of the industry. Fast, efficient, durable machines, Lancy are the name you can count on in any workplace.

Versatile and user-friendly, the Lancy range of render pumps for sale makes any job easier, faster and less stressful. – a true solution and a worthwhile investment to your business. Sold complete with delivery hose, grease gun, internal pressure washer and complete tool kit, these are a turnkey solution for any looking to spray render 7 days a week non-stop!

Our own range of Strata-branded render and plaster mixing pumps are themselves a fantastic choice for companies both big and small. Easily transportable with no more complex than a power drill, the Strata MP025 pump is the perfect choice for the renderer working anywhere.

Suitable for a variety of applications, both of our lines are priced competitively to make them more accessible to contractors of all budgets and workforce sizes. Acquiring either of these for your business is a smart, economical move that’ll increase your versatility in the field.

The Australian market leaders in grout and screed mixing and pumping

Strata Render Solutions is proud to offer the Australian and South Pacific market years of European design and build quality. What we don’t make ourselves, we discerningly choose. Buy the very best brand of equipment from a reputable and reliable name you can trust. Browse our catalogue to find out more about our range of screed mixers and grout pumps for sale today.

To find out which of our products will best suit your applications or to enquire about a specific model, speak to our experienced team today. Call today on 1300 229 757 or send an email at

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