STRATA - an own brand
of Aristospray


Grout Pumps & Mixers Australian Contractors Can Count On

Get the best. STRATA is an own-brand from Aristospray. Specifically designed around the requirements and demands of the contractor, the STRATA brand carries with it a known range of quality German and European, electric and diesel render and cement pumps. We are proud to offer Australian tradespeople the very best, tried and tested grout pumps for sale on the market today. Our goal is to make your job easier, simpler, safer and more streamlined. Cut down on labour costs, minimise back injury risks from heavy lifting and dramatically increase productivity.  Call STRATA now to find out how we can help your business.

For all your grouting jobs across Australia, rely on the industry’s best pumps and mixers. Our company prides itself on the durability and reliability of the equipment we sell. With simple and user friendly operational controls, our pumps do not require a skilled-tradesman to operate them. Now the faster and efficient clean-up system designed on our STRATA pumps makes it a breeze to wash down, pack up and have ready for work the next day! Speak to us today to find out which pump will best work for you.

The very best mixers and grout pumps for sale in Australia

Browse our range today and find a range of continuous mixers, pumps and forced action mixers that will guarantee a more efficient way of application than the old conventional way. We are proud to hold the distributorship for the South Pacific with Lancy. These diesel range of pumps and screed mixers are unique having the huge capacity and ability to convey material up to 200mtrs in distance and in in a fraction of the time.

For industry best advice and equipment from a respected global manufacturer, get in touch with the team at STRATA today by calling 1300 229 757 or emailing our NSW head office at Our experienced staff will help you find the most suitable unit for your applications and volume of work. If you’d like to see a catalogue, use our website to request a physical copy by post or download a digital version now.

lancy-grout-pump-on-site Lancy-grout-pump-in-action

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