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Servicing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific with 240V Grout, Render & Floor Screed Mixing Pumps

It all goes back to 2005 when the brand STRATA was born.

When Aristospray started the supply of render and plaster spraying machines with our newly branded range of ‘STRATA’ pumps and mixers, we quickly became recognized throughout UK, Ireland and Europe as an innovative and fast growing organization. Since then we have continued to grow from ongoing successes to become market leaders and solution providers in the design, manufacture and supply of application and mixing equipment internationally.

To view the complete range, download the catalogue PDF or put in a request for a hard copy to be posted out to you.


Presented in a manner not seen previously in the industry, this superb publication displays on 80 pages an extensive product portfolio for the render, construction and plaster contractor.  A few highlights from the range are listed below, to find out more about any of these or to enquire about products not listed please call now; 1300 229 757


Recent developments in the market including the increased use of acrylic renders have led to the decision to re-launch a much increased and vastly improved range of equipment, with our own distinctive ‘Strata’ branding, this has become recognized and respected in the industry.

Working closely with some of our international affiliate suppliers, we have developed some of the most advanced and unique render pumping equipment and solutions that there is in the global markets today.

The end of 2014 saw another significant development for us as taking on the LANCY range of pumps exclusively for Australia and New Zealand. This quality manufacturer of spray render and floor screed pumps is renown as being an extremely reputable supplier of the best diesel render and screed mixing pumps available. This strategic trading relationship between Strata and LANCY continues to strengthen our global supply of world-best equipment into the international construction markets.

The following are some of our other brands we are proud to promote within our range;

Morser – Design and manufacture of 100 litre & 120 litre forced action mortar mixers. Rugged European engineering is the hallmark of the Morser Pan Mixer delivering quality and value for money better than other forced action mixers out there in the market.


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In the front of our recently published Strata Render Solutions Catalogue we have set out our vision, It’s our blueprint, this is what we strive for.

  • To source from strategic international suppliers an innovative range of the best quality equipment and supporting ancillaries for the machine render, plaster and floor screed contractor.
  • To bring these together under our strong, reputable, and respected brand – Strata.
  • To take our product range to International markets using the most effective means available.
  • To ensure that all of this is carried out with clarity, honesty and integrity.

The first two points we’ve enlarged on already.

Going out to market is critical.   We are committed to making available to our rapidly growing customer base of render, plaster and floor screed contractors all of the relevant information in as clear a manner as possible.  Whether print or digital, the emphasis will always be on clarity.

We will keep you aware of developments in the spray render and plaster market by regular postal and email updates.  However, we respect your privacy – and should you choose to ask us not to mail you in either form this will be actioned.  Our aim is that you see us not just as a supplier, but as a partner.

The start of 2015 saw us open our Australian sales office to manage and service all enquires and distribution for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. With supply now of consumables, parts and servicing, we can reassure you fast delivery from a global supplier, locally!

The final point is for real… If there should be any misunderstandings, or if we don’t appear to have performed as you feel we ought to have done, please tell us!  We like to keep in touch with our customers, and will do everything possible to correct any area of business practice that you’re not satisfied with.


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